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ASP.NET 4.5 Beta

dotnet-logoA partire da Febbraio prossimo, Microsoft rilascerà .NET 4.5 Beta

Questo il link dove è possibile prendere nota di tutte le novità introdotte nel nuovo Framework.

Eccovi le aree che sono state interessate e le relative novità introdotte:

- ASP.NET Core Runtime and Framework
  – Asynchronously Reading and Writing HTTP Requests and Responses.
- Improvements to HttpRequest handling
- Asynchronously flushing a response
- Support for await and Task-Based Asynchronous 
   Modules and Handlers
- Asynchronous HTTP modules
- Asynchronous HTTP handlers
- New ASP.NET Request Validation Features
- Deferred ("lazy") request validation
- Support for unvalidated requests
- Anti-XSS Library
- Support for WebSockets Protocol
- Bundling and Minification
- Performance Improvements for Web Hosting
   – Key Performance Factors
   – Requirements for New Performance Features
   – Sharing Common Assemblies
   – Using multi-Core JIT compilation for faster startup
   – Tuning garbage collection to optimize for memory
   – Prefetching for web applications

- ASP.NET Web Forms Strongly Typed Data Controls
  – Model Binding Selecting data
  – Value providers
  – Filtering by values from a control

- HTML Encoded Data-Binding Expressions
  – Unobtrusive Validation
  – HTML5 Updates

  – ASP.NET Web Pages 2 New and Updated Site Templates
  – Improved Input Validation
  – Resource Management
  – Enhanced Membership and Authentication
  – Side-by-side Execution
  – Mobile Device Rendering
  – The Maps Helper

- Visual Web Developer 11 Developer Preview. HTML Editor Smart Tasks
  – WAI-ARIA support
  – New HTML5 snippets
  – Extract to user control
  – IntelliSense for code nuggets in attributes
  – Automatic renaming of matching tag when you rename an opening or closing tag
  – Event handler generation
  – Smart indent
  – Auto-reduce statement completion

- JavaScript Editor Code outlining
  – Brace matching
  – Go to Definition
  – ECMAScript5 support
  – DOM IntelliSense
  – VSDOC signature overloads
  – Implicit references

- CSS Editor Auto-reduce statement completion
  – Hierarchical indentation
  – CSS hacks support
  – Vendor specific schemas (-moz-, -webkit)
  – Commenting and uncommenting support
  – Color picker
  – Snippets
  – Custom regions

- Page Inspector
  – Publishing Publish profiles
  – ASP.NET precompilation and merge

- IIS Express

In other news